Tuesday, September 22, 2009

SweEt N sOur!

A bowl of steamy sweet n sour soup was looking yummy. I thought I could gratify my taste buds as quickly as possible as my mouth had begun watering, but the soup was piping hot. I pulled the sauce container. First I made my soup little spicy by adding a few drops of chilly vinegar sauce, then I wanted it to be little pungent so I stirred in red chili sauce. Finally a few drops of soy sauce dived into my soup. I could wait no more. Sweet, sour, tangy and spicy aroma was overpowering my senses.

I dipped the spoon in the bowl and stirred for a moment. Soon I was busy sipping delicious soup until my nose started running. I had to stop to use tissue. I thought there is no other delightful thing in the world than having a bowl of hot and sour soup. I did not stop till I reached the base of the yellow and blue color bowl. I gulped down the soup and I got the chance to look at the bowl. It was a beautiful Chinese bowl. It had a yellow stripe at the top as background with elegant colorful flowers painted on it. I thought I could even lick the bowl, but I did not.

I licked my upper lip. I was going to eat nothing for a while as I wanted to relish the taste. A few moments passed, still the flavorsome taste of soup was lingering on my tongue. Suddenly a thought bumped onto my mind. A thought brought a question with it. Isn't our life similar to sweet and sour soup? Yes, it is. We have sweet and sour experiences and memories. We realize the importance of sweet moments only after experiencing sour ones. Good things in life won't get value they have, if bad things do not exist.

Finally I came to the conclusion. Life is nothing but a bow of sweet n sour soup. We have to face awesome as well as awful occasions. I found myself relishing the thought, when the main course of food arrived in front of me.