Sunday, July 25, 2010

I walked when it drizzled...

Whole night it was raining, no it was pouring cats and dogs. It was quite cold and I slept comfortably with three warm quilts over me. My irritating mobile phone's alarm rang and almost pulled me out from rapid eye movement sleep (I was dreaming). I feel so sorry for myself when a dream I am watching reaches only the interval and not the end.

I crumbled the thought of going back to bed, though the bed was still trying to induce sleep in me by whispering a lullaby. But the morning was so pleasant; I pushed all quilts aside and rubbed my eyes. I opened the windows behind me and had a look outside. It was really a beautiful morning. I remembered my sneakers, the pair that i bought a few months ago. Today is the golden opportunity to wear them. I brushed my teeth and put on my track pants and a t-shirt.

I shuffled my wardrobe to find a pair of white socks. I finally put on my new sneakers with the shades of sunny-yellow and deep-blue. I opened the front door. I was thrilled to watch two tiny jet black frogs hopping near the stairs. I always felt 'eew' whenever I looked at these slimey creatures, but today somehow I found them cute. They were as tiny as an almond. With their tender baby limbs, they were enjoying their early baby-jumps in this world. They were playfully relishing the first rainy season of their lives. I bade good-bye to those little wonders and moved ahead.

It started drizzling and suddenly I remembered the smell of raincoat and its big round plastic buttons. I don't remember When did I wear raincoat for the last time, but I must have worn it back in school. Now I use umbrellas, the big ones. As I was opening umbrellas and wearing raincoats in my thoughts, I realized that the surrounding is greener than ever before. Trees just had a bath and now wearing their green bathrobes. Some tiny flowers were appearing proud of their ornaments made of tiny raindrops and leaves were feeling warm under their green shawls.

I didn't realize when the sun slowly made a way though crying clouds. I completed my morning walk while it was raining. The sun and the rain were greeting each other while I made a plan to go back to my comfortable bed and take a small nap.