Saturday, March 3, 2012

Being Honest

It feels like for ages I haven't posted anything on my blog, and it feels depressing. Everyday I make some plans to write few words to be in a loop. I switch on my laptop with some clear goals in my mind, but every time end up climbing Facebook walls. Yes, I keep updating My Poems blog. Whenever I get some free time or whenever avoidable thoughts flood my mind, I exhibit my poetic persona.

Right now, at this moment, I'm restless. I'm waiting for something to happen, and this wait is going to kill me. I have spoken the truth, now I want to see if being honest pays or makes me a pray. Whatever happens, pray for me! Someone has quoted that CHILDREN and FOOLS always speak THE TRUTH, and I am a fool. But, I KNOW, HONESTY is THE BEST policy. I am keeping my fingers crossed and staying positive.

You don't need a reason to be positive, but sometimes someone acts like your motivating factor.

Hope I return soon to announce the positive outcome. Though my patience are gone, I am eagerly waiting for the dawn and it is not too far. I'm keeping my faith in Honesty Policy.


  1. Exceptionally written... Keep going... That's very optimistic and phisophical

  2. Hey Thanks... Thanks for liking my post and following the blog.

  3. I always enjoy reading your posts, Sayalee! Please keep writing!