Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What dO thOse dOOdles say abOut yOu?

Do you remember doodling on the last page or in the column of your ruled notebook back in school? What did you scribble most of the time? Leaves and vines, stars and moon or ugly looking faces? Everyone at some point or the other had passed the time doodling some meaningless dots, lines and curves to avoid some boring lecture. But were those scribbles really meaningless or they carried a deep dark secret in them that could have revealed your personality? Experts have unplugged the real meaning behind those doodles.

If you used to draw a lot of artistic stars then you are a person who craves for fame. You used to daydream about becoming someone famous someday. Those who draw stars could lack in their efforts to get success. They are highly diplomatic in their approach. Their ego can be a big problem for them.

A person who loves to dream a lot often makes clouds. Instead of confronting the realities, a cloud doodler prefers to be in his own little world. Such people rarely stop daydreaming.

A person who draws eyes has some detective genes in him. He knows the best how to keep an eye on others. Such person is very moody and choosy. But they might make great discoveries or disclose hidden treasures with their ability of being observant.

A person whose interest is into doodling geometric shapes is quite a perfectionist. He will fight to prove his point of view. He holds a set of firm beliefs and opinions that he will not change come what may. Geometric shape lovers learn new things without much trouble.

A flower-doodler is an artist at heart. He is a complete environment enthusiast. Apart from his interest in nature, such person is very emotional and can make a fantastic friend and a life-partner. He is inclined to make career in creative fields.

A person who produces pictures of trees on a piece of paper is someone who can teach everyone what patience is. Such person will never miss a deadline and will complete a task assigned to him within a given deadline. Such people are highly intellectuals.

Sketching hearts might put forward two meanings. It might say that a person is emotional and gives importance to his loved ones than anything else. But on the other side it could also mean that a person could not tolerate heart-break at all. Such person might go into depression after a break-up.

Those who enjoy portraying houses are keen on living safe and secured lifestyle. They value their relations and are prudent while handling their life matters. Such people prefer to be in a joint family rather than a nuclear family.

A Person who draws arrows is either straightforward, optimist and goal-oriented or one who can break your trust by backstabbing you.

Finally, a person who sketches faces a lot is not being himself. He is constantly pretending to be someone who he is not. Such people are self-centered, but they can make excellent artists or media professionals.

Thinking about your personality type? Go down the memory lane, stress your mind, think what did you doodle when your teacher was busy analyzing world wars in the history period or when your boss was in the middle of his speech in the last meeting.

(Idea for this article came from the article appeared in Mumbai Mirror, Tabloid)

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  1. I had a habit of drawing flowers but not on my school notebooks, but on my hands. The most favorite was a peculiar design which contained a single flower, a heart and a chocolate.